NBC Greenlights 'Wonder Woman' Pilot

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New Costume - Designed with Reboot in Mind?

According to Deadline, NBC has decided to greenlight David E. Kelley’s WONDER WOMAN TV pilot, after all.
After failing to get a committment from any of the major broadcasters , Warner Brothers Television had at least temporarily shelved the project earlier this month. NBC was interested at the time, but things were still in transition at the network, with new head of programing Robert Greenblatt slated to take over, but not yet in command.
Kelly’s WONDER WOMAN reboot project was designed a a big-budget concept, and no one felt comfortable in okaying the expensive  pilot in the interim.
At the time of the earlier shelving, David Kelley was quoted as saying:

“I had a lot of fun writing it… It’s a huge project, and it was probably a bit too much to ask anyone to try to chew on it for next season. But I’m confident it will still happen. It’s a very complicated piece, which is the most fun thing about it.”

Description of Kelley’s proposed series sounds a bit more Batman than Wonder Woman, with Diana Prince re-invisioned as a hig-powered corporate executive by day, and crime-fighting vigilante by night, a modern woman trying to balance a dual life.
In the comics and Linda Carter series, Wonder Woman was disctintly not “modern”, she’s an immortal, centuries old Amazon Warrior Princess, posing as an ordinary woman only to aid her in her mission. She might also have a desire to remain close to potential love interest Steve Trevor, but that is secondary to the character.
It’s unknown how closely the sereies will hew to the various incarnations of the venerable comic book heroine.

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