Mysterious Island 50th Anniversary Tribute: CFQ Laserblast Podcast 2:47.2

Mysterious Island (1961): castaways face off against a giant crab.

This week’s special edition of the Cinefantastique Laserblast podcast forgoes the usual rundown of recent horror, fantasy, and science fiction releases on home video, instead offering a 50th anniversary tribute to a beloved genre classic. Back in 1961, producer Charles H. Schneer and special effects supervisor Ray Harryhausen brought Jules Verne’s novel MYSTERIOUS ISLAND to the big screen, with Herbert Lom as Captain Nemo presiding over a strange land overrun by giant crabs, enlarged insects, and one or two other monstrous menaces.
Listen in as CFQ podcast regulars Steve Biodrowski and Lawrence French are joined by Ted Newsom, who wrote the extensive and excellent multi-part coverage of Ray Harryhausen’s career, which graced the cover of three issues of Cinefantastique magazine. Together, they offer fond reminiscences of the film, an assessment of how well it stands the test of time, and a look at the limited edition Blu-ray disc released last month by Last month, Twilight Time released, featuring a high-def transfer that makes MYSTERIOUS ISLAND look better than it has in decades.


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