Mutant Chronicles opens in NY & LA

In what must be the strangest distribution strategy ever devised, MUTANT CHRONICLES opens today in exclusive engagements in New York and Hollywood – even though you can already view it here on Video on Demand. Directed by Simon Hunter, working from a script by Philip Eisner, MUTANT CHRONICLES stars Thomas Jane (THE MIST), Ron Perlman (HELLBOY 2), Devon Aoki (SIN CITY), Sean Pertwee (DOG SOLDIERS), and John Malkovich (BEOWULF) in a futuristic combination of science fiction and mysticism, about soldiers battling “necromutants” in 2702. Perlman plays the leader of a monastic order who convinces Jane’s Major Hunter to join him on a mission that will, according to prophecy, destroy the mutants.
MUTANT CHRONICLES is at the Mann Chinese 6 in Hollywood and the Village East Cinema in New York. The “bargain” price for the first screening at the Chinese theatre is $10, which goes up to $11.75 in the afternoon and $12.75 in the evening (and that’s not counting parking and popcorn). Or you can pay a relatively modest $6.99 for Video on Deman.

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