Mother of Tears reviews

Two reviews of Dario Argento’s MOTHER OF TEARS, which kicked off the Midnight Madness series of screenings at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Witches cavort in Dario Argento's conclusion to the Three Mothers trilogy.

First, from the fest’s official blog:

Argento’s shlock opus, Mother of Tears, stretches credibility as even a Midnight Madness entry. […] the new film wallows in its own stupidity for enormous tracts of time between its explosions of admittedly tour-de-force gore. If you’ve ever wanted to see a mother throw her baby off a bridge, or witness the chaos that ensues when a woman is garrotted by her own intenstines, this is your film.
There’s no denying the campy glee to be had as [Asia Argento, the director’s daughter] slogs her way through a river of shit to escape from a den of berserk, orgy-crazed witches, but moments of inspired absurdity like this are few and far between in a film that otherwise spends way too much time talking its way around this nonsensical apocalypse, and not nearly enough time eviscerating the lesbian psychics and expositional exorcists.

Second, from Variety:

It has taken Dario Argento nearly three decades to complete his “Three Mothers” horror trilogy commenced by 1977’s “Suspiria” — his first, best and most widely popular post-giallo effort — and 1980’s visually striking if muddled “Inferno.” Whether viewers will think “Mother of Tears: The Third Mother” was worth the wait depends on if they are willing to settle for laughs over chills: This hectic pileup of supernatural nonsense is a treasure trove of seemingly unintentional hilarity. Although lacking helmer’s usual aesthetic panache, this “Mother” is a cheesy, breathless future camp classic. Theatrical sales look spotty; majority aud awaits via DVD.

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