More Dragon Wars?

Over at JoBlo.Com, Dave Davis is perplexed by word from writer-director Shim Hyung-rae that a DRAGON WARS is under discussion, for a planned 2009 release date.

While the serpentine hostilities of DRAGON WARS didn’t exactly arrive at the US box office with the thunder of a giant scaly horde, it has apparently generated enough global cheddar for the filmmakers to start mentioning a sequel.
Though it took seemingly forever to complete and is still shy of its rumored budget by a considerable margin, D-WAR could get a follow-up sooner than anyone who saw the first one might imagine.

Actually, it’s not hard to imagine at all. The first DRAGON WARS did trendous box office in its native Korea. And as for the film’s supposedly huge budget, a big chunk of that was not spent on the film per se but on setting up the special effects facilities. Now that they’re up and running, it only makes sense to use them on a sequel.

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