Monsters: CFQ Post-Mortem Podcast 1:39.1

Monsters (2010) photo_06
Monsters (2010)

After debating whether three animated films in one year is more than enough from DreamWorks Animation, the Cinefantastique podcast crew of Dan Persons, Lawrence French, and Steve Biodrowski attack MONSTERS (2010), the low-budget science fiction film getting a platform theatrical release to boost its VOD. Also on the menu: listener reaction to the on-going “LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT vs I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE” debate. And a brief discussion of why you will not have to go elsewhere if you want to hear George Takei calling a former Arkansa school board member a “douchebag.”


2 Replies to “Monsters: CFQ Post-Mortem Podcast 1:39.1”

  1. This film did not really end abruptly. I think you did not catch what was going on, as I did not on the first viewing. You need to go back and watch the FIRST sequence in the movie again. All but this scene is flashback. The problem is that it goes by so fast that it will almost definitely be missed on the first viewing. I saw the film on a screener and did not notice the importance of the first sequence until I saw it a second time.
    This is an afterward to my review of the film:

    A heavy spoiler follows. It can be decoded at , and it is important to understanding the end of the film.
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