MAR to Stream on Netflix

MarVIZ Media announced the availability of the anime series, MÄR, on Netflix.

52-episodes of the animated fantasy adventure story will be available to stream to subscribers in the U.S. beginning May 31st.

“MÄR (rated TV-PG, subtitled) is based on the hit 15-volume manga series created by Nobuyuki Anzai (FLAME OF RECCA), published in North America by VIZ Media. The series joins several other popular VIZ Media anime titles such as BLEACH, DEATH NOTE, NARUTO, and INUYASHA, which can now be instantly streamed from Netflix.
An ordinary middle-school boy with an overactive imagination, Ginta Toramizu dreams about fairy tales and make-believe lands. One day at school, a gate appears and he enters the World of MÄR, the world of his dreams. Within the World of MÄR exist ÄRM: accessories with unique powers. Soon, Ginta stumbles upon Babbo, an ÄRM that can speak, and learns that he has been summoned to this mythical world to stop the Chess Pieces, a group of rogue soldiers, from destroying the World of MÄR. Now part of Team MÄR, Ginta and Babbo fight in War Games against the Chess Pieces to save the MÄR World. But will Ginta’s mission be compromised by his ally’s secrets? “

To learn more about MÄR anime and manga series, visit or (free Chapter 1 manga preview available).

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