Man of Steel currently 84% on the Tomato-meter (updated)

MAN OF STEEL Superman artworkEarly reviews and audience reactions to MAN OF STEEL, the reboot of Warner Brothers’ Superman franchise, have been overwhelmingly positive: critics rate the film at 84%; audiences rate the film at 97%.
Says Todd McCarthy of The Hollywood Reporter:

To the oft-asked question of whether or not the world is really starving for yet another superhero origin story, Man of Steel simply responds by serving up what could be as much spectacle and action — minute-by-minute, frame-by-frame — as any movie anyone could think of. Zack Snyder’s huge, backstory-heavy extravaganza is a rehab job that perhaps didn’t cry out to be done but proves so overwhelmingly insistent in its size and strength that it’s hard not to give in.

Variety’s Scott Foundas, on the other hand, was considerably more critical, calling the film a humorless and relentlessly noisy drag.
Update: As of Wednesday, June 11, the tomato-meter rating had dropped to 66% – still fresh but not overwhelmingly so.

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