Lynch talks "Empire"

MTV.Com has an interview with David Lynch in which the writer-director discusses the recent DVD release of his ultra-weird indie-flick INLAND EMPIRE. Unlike most previous home video releases of the enigmatic director’s films, this one is filled with extras that reveal behind-the-scenes secrets. Lynch explains:

Pulling the curtain on some things isn’t good. I always want to protect the film and experience for people. But this time there were a lot of scenes … that formed a kind of thing that I call “other things that happened.” It’s like, you meet the family in the film — except for the sister who lives in Ohio. And now with this it fills that out. And then — I don’t cook, but I had this recipe for quinoa. And cooking shows are very popular. So I thought I’d do a cooking thing.

Asked if he would consider revisiting any of his previous films to provide a similar DVD treatment, Lynch mentioned TWIN PEAKS feature, FIRE WALK WITH ME:

The only one that’s been talked about is “Fire Walk With Me.” There are many short scenes that weren’t in the final film that on their own are interesting. They just never fit in the film. There’s talk of me editing and mixing those. There’s a scene with Jack Nance. It’s a short scene with Ed [Wright], who played Mr. Mibbler. I loved this guy. He was in “Wild at Heart” as well. Both of them are gone, so to fix those scenes, for the memory of them, it’s real important.

STAR WARS fans may also be interested to read that George Lucas offered Lynch the opportunity to direct RETURN OF THE JEDI, but Lynch turned the project down, saying, “You should direct this. It’s your thing! It’s not my thing.”

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