London After Midnight: British Horror Festivals, So Good They're Scary!

mayhem-horror-festivalOne of the organisers of  THE MAYHEM HORROR FESTIVAL has very kindly given me a few updates. Firstly, and most importantly for anyone wishing to attend, the website to purchase tickets is  (not “” as previously stated), and tickets will be on sale in the very near future. The festival’s official site, where you can find details of their ever increasing line-up of films and special guests can still be found at
There are several preview screenings to be seen here: for example, Hierro, which will not be released until next year. Other freshly announced films include Colin, the low-budget zombie movie that caused a sensation at Cannes Film Festival, and when I say low-budget, I mean low – this was made for only £45! Special guest director Marc Price will be attending. The award-winning and utterly disturbing Grace has also been confirmed, along with Australian psycho thriller Coffin Rock. Also showing are the Grindhouse styled Someone’s Knocking at the Door, I Sell The Dead, The Haunting, and a special midnight screening of the original Hellraiser which will tear your soul apart…..
They will also have their very own Mayhem Vault of Horror, a special screening of the scariest shorts from the nightmare makers of the future.
THE BRAM STOKER INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL in Whitby, now only a few weeks away, is advertising 23 U.K. and 3 World premieres including the world premiere of Orlok 3D which is a re-imagining of the 1922 silent classic Nosferatu, based on the Dracula story. The festival has a huge line-up of films which can be seen on their website at
Tickets will be on sale from this coming Tuesday. £88 buys a four day pass to all screenings and the fantastic opening night party; this is a festival not to be missed.
FRIGHTFEST which starts this Thursday is promising to be better than ever this year! They have over fifteen U.K. premieres and over fifteen World premieres, along with many special guests. Films are now confirmed on their website at,  but if you want tickets, hurry, the sands of time are fast running out…….

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