Journey back to Oz?

The Los Angeles Times tells us that the blockbuster success of Disney’s ALICE IN WONDERLAND – a remake of a beloved family-friendly fantasy classic – has Warner Brothers seriously debating on whether to proceed with one of a pair of projects inspired by the 1939 WIZARD OF OZ.

One project, called “Oz,” currently lives at Warner’s New Line label. It’s being produced by Temple Hill, which is behind a little franchise called “Twilight,” and has a script written by Darren Lemke, a writer on the upcoming “Shrek Forever After.”
A second “Wizard of Oz” project, set up at Warners proper, skews a little darker — it’s written by “A History of Violence” screenwriter Josh Olson and focuses on a granddaughter of Dorothy who returns to Oz to fight evil. “Clash of the Titans” producer Basil Iwanyk and his Thunder Road Pictures are behind that one. (“Spawn” creator Todd MacFarlane is potentially involved in a producerial capacity, to give you some idea of the tone.)

The projects are supposedly only in the early developmental stage, but the article suggests that reps for top directing talent have been contacted.

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