'Inception' Stars Cast in 'Dark Knight Rises'

batman_Dark Knight suitAccording to The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Brothers offically announced that Joseph Gordon-Levitt and  Marion Cotillard have joined the cast of Christopher Nolan’s THE DARK KNIGHT RISES.
 The studio called the film the “conclusion of the Dark Knight legend”, again confirming that this will be the last in this particular series of Batman films.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt will play the role of Gotham City patrolman John Blake, chosen by Commisioner Gordon for a special assignment.  Fans had speculated that Gordon-Levitt might portray one of the comic book’s incomic villains, but this appears not to be the case.
Marion-Cotillard-InceptionMarion Cotillard’s role will be Miranda Tate, a member of the Wayne Enterprises board, who apparently wants to help Bruce Wayne take up the civic and philanthropic activities his murdered parents were once known to pursue.

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