Hatchet 2: October 1

Here is the teaser trailer for writer-director Adam Green’s HATCHET 2, the sequel to HATCHET. Kane Hodder returns as Victor Crowley, heading a cast that includes Danielle Harris (HALLOWEEN), Tony Todd (CANDYMAN), R.A. Mihailoff (TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 3), and Tom Holland (director of CHILD’S PLAY. The original HATCHET thrilled audiences at film festivals worldwide in 2006 before securing a small theatrical release in 2007. Green and company hope to turn Victor Crowley (the mysterious, almost legendary killer lurking in a southern swamp) into a franchise character, a la Jason Voorhees (which makes the casting of Hodder all the more appropriate, considering his association with the FRIDAY THE 13TH series).
Dark Sky Films opens HATCHET 2 theatrically on October 1.
Hatchet 2 Danielle Harris Hatchet 2 Tony Todd

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