'Green Lantern's' Tomar-Re

The DailyBlam.com featured this shot of Tomar-Re from Warner Brothers’ upcoming GREEN LANTERN.
Sony Image Works via Daily Blam.com
Sony Image Works via Daily Blam.com

Tomar-Re, Green Lantern of  sector 2814 and eventual friend of Hal Jordan, is a fan favorite of the readers of the DC Comics. Bringing the beaked avian to life was a job for Sony IMage works.
See the linked article for a larger picture and more details.
Back in my childhood, my brother and I always called Tomar-Re “Chicken Head”. This verison looks a little less  joke-inspiring, a credit to the artisans.  
But where’s his mask? All his fellow scientists back on the planet Xudar will know his secret identity!
Tomar-Re first appeared in Green Lantern #6 (1961),  written by John Broome, and drawn by Gil Kane.  

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