'Green Lantern' Display -SDCC

GL_AbinSurScreenRant is featuring a series of pictures of this ‘dead alien’ display from Warner Brother’s GREEN LANTERN at the San Diego Comic Con.
Green Lantern fans will easily identify the red-skinned extraterrestrial as Abin Sur, the Green Lantern who passed on his ring and mission to Hal Jordan.
The article says that Abin Sur will be created via CGI in the film (though enacted by STAR WARS’ Temuera Morrison), and that the manikin was created soley for display purposes.
ReynoldsLanternEW_coverThis Green Lantern’s somewhat modified look, with the exposed muscle striations, might offer an explanation of the recent, similar look for Hal Jordan’s (Ryan Reynolds) uniform revealed on the cover of Entertainment Weekly.
Perhaps we’ll see Jordan in more than one outfit in the course of the film, which would be ideal for toy-marketing purposes.
See the rest of the article, and several more pictures of the display at the link above.

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