Friday the 13th 2009

NOTE: This trailer is widescreen, so you will have to click through to see it in its proper aspect ratio. My Space posted the trailer for the new FRIDAY THE 13TH. Amusingly, they flag it with the description “Returning to the story that started it all,” even though the the remake is heavily influenced by the sequels, as evidenced by the trailer’s prominent display of the machete-wielding Jason in his familiar hockey-mask. Jason Voorhees barely appears in the original FRIDAY THE 13TH (his mom committed all the murders), and he did not put on the mask until Part III. Presumably, FRIDAY fans were in no mood to watch another movie about an unseen killer who turns out to be Mrs. Voorhees; they want to see Jason slicing and dicing his way through a cast of innocuous camp counselors.
One potential area for improvement would be for the new FRIDAY to sort out the contradiction that haunts the original franchise: In the first FRIDAY, Mrs. Voorhees was supposedly motivated by the drowning of her son, yet the subsequent sequels had Jason very much alive. So why, exactly, did his mother feel the need to avenge his “death.”
UPDATE: We have replaced the MySpace version of the trailer with one embedded from YouTube. The film comes out in February – on Friday the 13th, naturally.

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