Fox Tweets: ALL the 'Alien' Rumors Bogus

alien-scott-and-weaverAccording to 20th Century Fox’s Twitter Feed, ALL the the news, inside sources, and rumors you’ve been hearing about the last few days is just internet blather.
A Fox spokesman named Chris Petrikin stated that the Ridley Scott prequel to ALIEN is NOT called PARADISE (which seemed highly dubious, anyway), and that the project is not planned to be be made in two parts.
Even though I did make pains to caution that none of this was confirmed, I’m as guilty as all the other internet sites of lending credence to these rumors, afraid of being lost in the dust.  My apologies for jumping on the bandwagon.
In fact, at this stage, we can’t  still be sure that the production has or will be greenlighted. Although Ridley Scott had previously said that he had two movies planned, with both parts already scripted, that could well mean that he has a script for the prequel, and another with  potential to be a stand-alone sequel to that film.
Since then there’s been news from Scott that intimated that things are moving along towards production in the near future.  But developement money and  pre-production investment do not necessarily guarantee going into production. Hopefully, the ALIEN prequel will come to fruition.
We’ll try to follow up when more when official statements are made.

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