FOX orders 'Punisher' Pilot

Punisher_Spider-ManDeadline reports that the Fox Network has made a “put pilot commitment” to ABC Studios and Ed Bernero (CRIMINAL MINDS) for a TV adaptation of Marvel Comic’s The Punisher.
A put pilot commitment generally means that a network agrees to make and broadcast a pilot episode of  a series (subject to penalities if they fail to do so). Many pilots never make it to the air, “put pilot” projects often do.
THE PUNISHER is being “described as an hour-long procedural…   and a new take” on the comic book character, originally created by writer Gerry Conway and artists John Romita, Sr. & Ross Andru.
Initially an antagonist for Spider-Man (The Amazing Spider-Man #129 , February 1974), the conflicted, lethal vigilante later bcame seen more as a force for justice.
In the series, Frank Castle will apparently be a “rising star  detective with the New York Police Department,  who moonlights as the vigilante Punisher, seeking justice for those the system has failed.”
The comic book Frank Castle is a justice-obsessed Army veteran with no secret identiy, per se. He generally kills his criminal targets, usually organized crime figures. However, more colorful “super-villain” adversaries can become his focus at times. 
Ed Bernero will executive produce the pilot for ABC Studios, with  Marvel Entertainment. He also has a paranormal western, THE EYE in development at ABC.
FOX has also ordered a pilot of DC Comics’ supernatural avenger, THE SPECTRE.


The Punisher has previously appeared in the live action films THE PUNISHER  (1989), starring Dolph Lundgren, THE PUNISHER  (2004) , played by Thomas Jane, and  PUNISHER: WAR ZONE  (2008) with Ray Stevenson in the role.
The character has also been used on various animated Marvel shows, and featured in video games.

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