Favorite Nightmares From Elm Street: Dick Cavett and Zsa Zsa Gabor

A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 3: The Dream Warriors (1987)Between the utter cock-up that was NIGHTMARE 2 and Freddie’s eventual metamorphosis into the most beloved, happy-go-lucky trickster-child-murderer ever, Chuck Russell hit a kind of mid-point sweet spot with the energetic and imaginative NIGHTMARE 3: THE DREAM WARRIORS. As if watching the kids gang up to get their own back on Freddie wasn’t enough of a kick, Russell snuck in a neat little pop-culture dig as urbane, late-night host Dick Cavett went suddenly and almost subliminally feral on talk-show perennial and professional speed bump Zsa Zsa Gabor. Watching the Yale grad unleash a brief flurry of invectives while launching for the throat of the less-than-erudite “actress” answered the long-muttered prayers of many an

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