Emile Hirsch Joins The Darkest Hour

Emile Hirsch
Emile Hirsch

According to Variety Emile Hirsch (SPEED RACER, INTO THE WILD) will be joining the cast of new sci-fi blockbuster THE DARKEST HOUR. The news follows last week’s casting of Olivia Thirlby on the Moscow set film which is being directed by Chris Gore (RIGHT AT YOUR DOOR).

The film sees a group of American tourists caught up in a struggle to defend the earth from alien invaders whilst visiting Russia and is apparently going to be filmed in a 28 DAYS LATER-style. Hirsch, being a fairly reputable actor, will most likely play the leader of the group trying to survive the extraterrestrial attack. He’s a solid actor who’s work on INTO THE WILD and MILK was highly memorable. Joining the cast of THE DARKEST HOUR seems to conform to his safe-then-indie-picture rhythm and I look forward to seeing what he can bring to the film.
THE DARKEST HOUR is shooting in Moscow this summer.

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