EAGLEHEART: PARADISE RISING's Jason Woliner & Andrew Weinberg: The CFQ Interview

Just a typical day at the office for Chris Elliott in EAGLEHEART: PARADISE RISING.
Just a typical day at the office for Chris Elliott in EAGLEHEART: PARADISE RISING.

These are dark days indeed for US Marshall Chris Monsanto (Chris Elliott). He’s devastated over the loss of his partner, Brett Mobley (Brett Gelman), in a tragic wood chipper incident, and forced to deal with the suspicions of his colleague, Susie Wagner (Maria Thayer), that he was responsible for the death (because he was). But duty calls, there are criminals and terrorists to catch (or more likely, just to shoot dead), and not even incriminating post-mortem memory scans, global warming, or the fact that headquarters seems to be transforming, Cronenberg-like, into some kind of giant organism intent on absorbing the older members of the force into its walls, can stay Monsanto from his crucial mission.
Adult Swim’s cop-show satire, EAGLEHEART: PARADISE RISING, has returned for its third season, complete with a dramatic, new subtitle and an ambitious, season-long narrative arc.  Which doesn’t mean that the stars are any less trigger-happy, the crimes any less rococo (a counterfeiting operation relying on the regenerative abilities of starfish?) or that the producers have stinted on the surreal humor  (they actually seem to have doubled-down). I got to sit down with director Jason Woliner and co-creator Andrew Weinberg to discuss tight shooting schedules, mistimed gore effects, and occasional tangents into classic stage drama. Click on the player to hear the show.

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