Dual Role for Cage in 'Spirit of Venegance'?

cagefaceNicholas Cage, in LA to promote DRIVE ANGRY 3-D, told Fearnet.com that in GHOSTRIDER: SPIRIT OF VENEGANCE he’s playing somethin of a dual (or would that be triple) role.

“There’s an exorcism scene I just did where Johnny Blaze is being exorcized. And then I also play Ghost Rider, who’s the spirit of Zarathos, who’s a corrupted angel. So it’s like completely different entities.

The movie is not like anything I’ve done before. It’s completely original. I think it’s a really high adrenaline ride. And I think you’ll see things in it that are mysterious as well.”

The supernatural action-thriller DRIVE ANGRY 3-D opens today (sans advance critic previews).
Nicholas Cage will soon be winging his way back to Romania, where SPIRIT OF VENEGANCE is still in production under co-directors Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor (CRANK).

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