DreamWorks lines up Fright Night & other remakes

Fright Night (1985)Hollywood Reporter informs us that DreamWorks is in the process of acquiring remake rights for FRIGHT NIGHT, which will be produced by Alison Rosenweig and Michael DeLuca. DeLuca has a long line of horror movie credits dating from his time at New Line Cinema during the era of Freddy Kruger; he also wrote the script for the John Carpenter-directed IN THE MOUTH OF MADNESS. The 1985 version of FRIGHT NIGHT, written and directed by Tom Holland, is about a teen-aged boy who enlists the aid of a horror movie host when a real-life vampire moves in enxt door.
DreamWorks, whose previous horror remakes include the lockbuster THE RING and the under perperforming THE UNINVITED, also are developing new versions of THE REINCARNATION OF PETER PROUD and ANGEL HEART.
Rosenweig’s other credits include NONSTOP, a science fiction thriller from director Patrick Tatopoulos and producer Len Wiseman, the team behind the latest UNDERWORLD film, RISE OF THE LYCANS, which came out on home video this week after a brief run in theatres earlier this year.

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