Dr.Who Actor On 'Fright Night' Remake

According to The Hollywood Reporter
David Tennant (DOCTOR WHO) has been cast in the role of Peter Vincent in Dreamworks’ FRIGHT NIGHT remake.

The former TV Time Lored will be teaming up with movie STAR TREK alumni Anton Yelchin, who is playing the role of Charlie (William Ragsdale in the `85 version).
In the original, Roddy McDowall’s Vincent was a has-been monster movie star, now hosting a late night TV horror movie show. The name was a play on Peter Cushing and Vincent Price.
Tennant’s version will be a Las Vegas Las Vegas magician whose act is inspired by horror movies. He claims to be an expert on vampires, which lead Charlie to enlist his aid against the suspected vampire who has moved in next door.
Chris Sarandon was the blood-thirsty neighbor in the original, Colin Farell will fill that role in the update.
Also announced as cast for the film is Christopher Mintz-Plasse (KICK-ASS) as “Evil Ed”, Charlie’s oddball friend, who is very attracted to the darker side of horror movies.
Toni Collette is signed to play Charlie’s endangered mother.
Craig Gillespie (LARS AND THE REAL GIRL) was previously reported as onboard to direct.

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