Dossier Fantastique 5-7.2: Winter's Tale, The Returned, Walking Dead

WINTER'S TALE, starring Collin Farrell and Jessica Brown Findlay
WINTER'S TALE, starring Collin Farrell and Jessica Brown Findlay

What’s in a name? Cinefantastique Online’s newly rechristened podcast seeks to answer that question. Formerly the Black Hole Ultra-Lounge, the weekly collection of all things wonderful relating to horror, fantasy, and science fiction cinema has morphed from loose repartee and laid-back commentary to a more structured show offering capsule commentary on news, theatrical films, recent trailers, and home video releases, with a segment at the end left open to include public domain titles or 50th-anniversary retrospectives. But don’t free: the Ultra-Lounge did not completely disappear into the Black Hole; it survives, post-credits, as a sort of bonus feature for listeners suffering from an over-abundance of curiosity regarding what random thought might pop into the heads of podcasters Lawrence French, Dan Persons, and Steve Biodrowski.
This week, Dossier Fantastique features: reviews of WINTER’S TALE and THE RETURNED, currently in theatres; an autopsy on THE WALKING DEAD’s mid-season operner, “After;” capsule comments of home video titles YOUNG DETECTIVE DEA: RISE OF THE SEA DRAGON, ZOMBIE NIGHT, and UNIDENTIFIED; and a 50the-anniversary appreciation of the overlooked British Gothic thriller, THE BLACK TORMENT. Also under the microscope: Tuesday’s home video releases, including special collector’s editions of FANTASTIC MR. FOX and DARK MAN, and recent trailers for TRANSCENDENCE and JODOROWSKY’S DUNE.


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