'Doctor Who' Production Clip

In this behind the scenes footage by “Timeboyy”, Matt Smith’s Doctor seems to have discovered a robotic Cybermat — a kind of spy/killer device of the cybernetic Cybermen, in a British shop with returning guest star James Corden as Craig Owens (Season Five’s The Lodger).
It’s for the sixth season two-part episode entitled The House of Fraser.
According to DoctorWhoTV, it’s  rumored that the seventh episode will feature the Cybermen  capturing the Doctor, freezing him and taking him away. This will be a mid-season cliff-hanger break, a first for the series.  

Cybermat, new green topcoat.
Cybermat, new green topcoat.

When the series returns after a hiatus, the episode will begin wil the Doctor’s companions, Amy, Rory and River Song, searching for him.
Not confirmed, but it does fit in with writer/producer Steven Moffat’s announced plans for a dramatic mid-season finale.

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