Del Toro discusses Don't Be Afraid of the Dark at Comic-Con

The 1973 TV version of DON'T BE AFRAID OF THE DARK
The 1973 TV version of DON'T BE AFRAID OF THE DARK

Reuters has posted a Q&A interview with Guillermo Del Toro, who discusses upcoming projects, including DON’T BE AFRAID OF THE DARK and FRANKENSTEIN. The former is a remake of a 1973 tele-film starring Kim Darby, written by Nigel McKeand, and directed by John Newland (ONE STEP BEYOND); working with with Matthew Robbins (MIMIC), Del Toro co-wrote the new screenplay, which was directed by Troy Nixie, with Guy Pearce (MEMENTO) and Katie Holmes (BATMAN BEGINS) in the leads . Del Toro says it took twenty years to get the project to the screen, but it is one he wanted to do since he became a professional filmmaker, based on his experience of being terrified by the original, which he calls “one of the scariest movies” he saw as a child.
Says Del Toro of his remake:

“We are returning to a really classical gothic horror film with very, very interesting creatures. We are not going for the hardcore, borderline porn and gore of a teen movie. There are no teen protagonists. It’s closer to a fairytale gone horribly wrong. And the creatures are quite interesting and very faithful to the original creatures in the 1973 movie.”

Del Toro had nothing to say about his proposed FRANKENSTEIN, except that we should expect an announcement soon because he is finalizing a deal during Comic-Con. On the subject of remakes, he notes that it is a cliche to suggest Hollywood has run out of ideas; after all, some of the best horror films have been re-do’s of previously filmed material. What separates the good remakes from the bad?

“I believe a remake needs to be driven by a filmmaker’s passion to tell the story and not a studio’s marketing department. That is, I think, a huge difference. If you have a filmmaker who’s very passionate to tell a story — case in point, I am absolutely insanely passionate about redoing Frankenstein, the book — then there is a valid intent.”

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