David Fincher reforges Heavy Metal with help from Cameron and Snyder

Mike Fleming at Dealine New York is reporting that David Fincher is reviving HEAVY METAL with the help of James Cameron (AVATAR) and Zack Snyder (WATCHMEN). Based on the famous adult comic book, which previously inspired two films (one in 1981 and a sequel in 2000), HEAVY METAL would be a 3d animated anthology, containing approximately nine segments, with different writers and directors contributing different episodes. Cameron, Snyder, and Fincher would each direct one episode.
Fincher had set the project up at Paramount two years ago, but the studio dropped out. The involvement of Cameron and Snyder could reignite studio interest and hopefully get Fincher a greenlight to proceed. Other directors who have been considered include Gore Verbinski (PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN), Rob Zombie (HALLOWEEN), andLike its predecessors, this new HEAVY METAL would be rated R, in the spirit of the sexy, violent storylines of the magazine.

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