Cybersurfing: Theofantastique's John W. Morehead profiled

John D. Morehead
John W. Morehead

John W. Morehead, who contributes to Cinefantastique when he can spare time from his own fine blog, Theofantastique (no, the similarity of names is not a coincidence) is interviewed on the Fangoria website, regarding his views on the nexus of horror and spirituality. Do the two really mesh? Morehead thinks so:

First, some have noted the similarities between religious experiences of fear and awe and what Rudolf Otto has called the numinous and reactions to horror. In addition, scholars like Timothy Beal in RELIGION AND ITS MONSTERS have noted that various religious traditions have their creatures, including the Judeo-Christian tradition with Leviathan, Behemoth, Satan and, perhaps most uncomfortably, even Yahweh himself, who can be interpreted as acting in monstrous fashion in various biblical passages of judgment. Further, Douglas Cowan in SACRED TERROR has noted the connection between religion and horror as it expresses cultural fears.
So with these thoughts in mind, it is quite natural to find examples of the meshing of the two, as human beings express their religious hopes and fears through horror. I believe it is easy to find such examples, most especially in the Gothic horror tradition, which includes more of a Christian orientation, but also a very different kind of spiritual question in late modern or postmodern horror, which often turns the Gothic on its head by expressing incredulity regarding more traditional Christian perspectives reflected in the genre. This is not surprising in a post-Christendom context. Even so, spirituality and horror mesh for many people quite well. 

The whole interview is worth a read.

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  1. Steve, thanks for making readers aware of this interview. I wish I had more time to write for Cinefantastique, and thanks for the name inspiration for my own blog. By the way, to remove confusion for readers, my name is John W. Morehead. I’m not sure how the D. surfaces at times in connection with my middle name. Thanks again for the mention.

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