Cybersurfing: More Brooding Superheroes?

Over at Cosmic Comix & Toys, Shawn Douglas reacts to some news about the possible future of Marvel Comics characters at Warner Brothers. There had been talk about using a Justice League of America feature film as a means of launching a series of lesser-known superheroes, but after the stupifying success of THE DARK KNIGHT, WB thinks individual films may be financially viable, such as SHAZAM, GREEN LANTERN, FLASH, WONDER WOMAN, and GREEN ARROW. Douglas’s  concern is that the Hollywood studio wants to take a “darker” tone with the characters, a la Batman:

Now if by “darker” they just meant a more serious and “real world” approach I can dig it. But if they mean “darker” in the sense that all the characters look and act like BATMAN than you can count this little freak out. I loved The Dark Knight but WONDER WOMAN is not BATMAN. Neither are any of the other characters save for perhaps GREEN ARROW and even then you are dealing with a character whose political views on Government and the Authorities are very different from Batman.
I am very glad that Warner Bros. is giving these characters their own films, however, I hope they get well known creators and editors from DC to EXPLAIN those characters, because Marvel has people in place to make sure their characters ring true, and no one wants to see a Darker Superman. If I see another Superman movie where the character broods the entire movie I will serious lose my sanity Fanboy style.

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