Cybersurfing: Ramis discusses "Year One" at CNN has an article on YEAR ONE, including interviews with director Harold Ramis and stars Jack Black and Michael Cera. Notably, the article does a better job of representing the film that the advertising campaign did: journalist Doug Ganley addresses the irreverent approach to Biblical themes, which director and co-writer Ramis describes as an Old Testament version of MONTY PYTHON’S LIFE OF BRIAN.

“I told people that I wanted to do for the Old Testament what Monty Python did for the Gospels,” he said. “Which is just to kind of take a funny look and project a contemporary sensibility back to these treasured myths of Western civilization.
“It wasn’t so much to attack any particular religion,” he added. “I figure all religions are good. They all make sense on paper; it’s just the exploitation of religion that’s been a problem, by … people using religion to justify war, or to justify government or, you know, ‘God made me do it.’ “


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