Cybersurfing: 4/18/08

CHILD’S PLAY SCRIBE’S KILL-SWITCH HEADS TO SCI-FI: reports that Don Mancini’s KILL-SWITCH, a one-hour episodic television drama about a woman who can jump into the bodies of people about to be murdered, will come to the Sci Fi Channel.
JUMPER STAR MAX THIEROT TO STAR IN 25/8: Eview Week reports that actor Max Thierot, who co-starred in JUMPER with Hayden Christensen, will star in Wes Craven’s upcoming horror project 25/8. Thierot will step into a role intended as the big-screen debut of Henry Lee Hopper (son of Dennis Hopper), who had to bow out due to illness.
DR. GOLDFOOD AND THE GIRL BOMBS: Giallo Fever reviews this obscure Vincent Price film, directed by Mario Bava – an almost forgotten sequel to DR. GOLDFOOT AND THE BIKINI MACHINE.
COLOSSUS IN WIDESCREEN: The Blood-Spattered Scribe points to a DVD Times report that 1970’s COLOSSUS: THE FORBIN PROJECT will receive a widescreen anamorphic DVD release in the U.K. The film, one of the greatest cinematic sci-fi achievements ever, has received only a dismal pan-and-scan release in the U.S. Fortunately, I own the laserdisc release, which preserves the widescreen aspect ratio of the original theatrical presentation.
AMERICAN HORROR FANS, HOLLYWOOD THINKS YOU’RE DUMB: The Vault of Horror laments the lack of a U.S. theatrical release for [REC], a Spanish-language horror film that is getting distribution elsehwere around the world. Instead, Americans will get an English-language remake called QUARANTINE. Based on thsi strategy, Brian Solomon concludes that Hollywood thinks U.S. horror fans are too stupid to appreciate good horror films, and he notes that the relative box office performance of DIARY OF THE DEAD versus PROM NIGHT hardly helps to prove Hollywood wrong.

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