Cybersurfing: Bits and Pieces

FACEBOOK OF “FEAR ITSELF”: There is now a Facebook entry for the upcoming NBC series. Five photos from Stuart Gordon’s episode “Eater” have been posted there.
SAFE AS HOUSES: Arbogast on Film offers an intriguing review of THEM, the 2006 film from French co-directors Davdi Moreau and Xavier Palud. It sounds worth checking out, even if (like me) you were put off by their botched remake of THE EYE.
THE LEGACY: Dinner with Max Jenke looks back with a certain nostalgic fondness on this 1978 attempt to cash in on THE OMEN. This is the film whose idea of a “creative death” is to have the Who’s lead singer Roger Daltrey choke to death (some kind of joke, I suppose). It was directed by Richard Marquand, and it is every bit as bad as his later film, RETURN OF THE JEDI.
GEEK GIRLS GONE WILD: Calgary Herald observes that female fans are showing up at conventions in increasing numbers, thanks to “the runaway success of fantasy and superhero movies.”
ESPLATTER: Lucius Gore shows us a series of stamps dedicated to Hammer horror classics like CURSE OF FRANKENSTEIN.
VAULT OF HORROR points us to a piece in The Guardian, regarding DOOMSDAY, the post-apocalyptic fantasy which is being released in the U.K. after making its way through U.S. theatres earlier this year. Seems Scottish National Part MP Angus MacNeil is unhappy about the perceived subtext of the plot, in which Scotland is walled off from the rest of England:

I think it is a subliminal thought they have in England: in the dark recesses of their minds they believe that if Scotland is ever separated from London, then we will be cut off from the rest of the world for good. They think we’ll build our own Hadrian’s Wall and keep everyone out – which is of course nonsense. At 80p a brick, it will simply be too expensive.

Also at Vault of Horror, Brian Solomon adds an unexpected coda to a piece lamenting the 2006 remake of THE WICKER MAN. After noting that Edward Woodward (who starred in the 1973 original) has expressed no interest in ever seeing the new version, Solomon adds a paragraph telling us that THERE WILL BE BLOOD (although it is not a horror film) is an “astonishing achievement in film-making” that deserved the Best Picture Oscar and ranks alongside CITIZEN KANE as one of the greatest films ever made. Considering how over-rated THERE WILL BE BLOOD is, I was going to object to comparing it to CITIZEN KANE, but then I remembered that I find that film somewhat over-rated as well.

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