Conquest of the Prequel to the Planet of the Apes has article based on a conversation with Scott Frank, the man charged by 20th Century Fox with crafting a prequel to PLANET OF THE APES, Tim Burton’s disappointing remake of the 1969 classic starring Charlton Heston. Rumor was that the new film would be a remake of CONQUEST OF THE PLANET OF THE APES, which focused on the events that lead Caesar (Roddy McDowell) to start an ape rebellion that would eventually overthrow mankind. The article, which never quotes Frank directly, insists that the new film, to be titled CEASRE, is not a remake of CONQUEST or even a direct prequel to the PLANET remake; instead, it is a reboot that could lead to a whole new franchise, depicting the evolutionary process leading to intellligent apes taking over the world.

What’s most exciting about Caesar is that Frank is committed to telling a hard science fiction story. The science that creates a hyper-intelligent chimpanzee is based on current real world research – this film would just take that science one step further. He’s also committed to telling a story based on character, not antic ape action. His plan for Caesar is one where you come to really feel for this ape, even as the final act sees him taking actions that may be hard for us to agree with.

The plan is for Ceasre to be a non-speaking character, realized not with a man in a monkey suit but with digital special effects. Production has not been greenlight yet, and no decision will be made before February.

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