What does the Internet have to offer in terms of coverage of fantasy, horror, and science-fiction films? Let’s take a look…
ADVENTURES IN ANIMATION: Comic Book Bin offers a thumbnail history of stop-motion magician Ray Harryhausen’s career.King horror fest comes to the big screen: TheWest.Com.Au takes a look at 1408 and THE MIST, both of which are due to open in Australia.Oh, the Horror of it All: With the release of I AM LEGEND looming on the horizon, Otto Penzler takes the opportunity to revisit the Richard Matheson novel on which the film is based and declares that it still packs the power to thrill.
Air Ducted: Over at The Exploding Kinetoscope, Chris Stangl examines his three pet peeves regarding THE X-FILES: 1) Air Ducts; 2) Killer-Computers; 3) Mytharc versus Monster of the Week.
ZOMBIE 2: Over at And You Call Yourself a Scientist, Liz Kingsley (who reviewed BLACK SHEEP for us) gets her first look at Lucio Fulci’s infamous 1980 Italian zombie flick, in all its eyeball-gouging glory. My favorite passage:

Brian knows its grim local reputation, and warns Peter in advance that he and Susan won’t be coming ashore when they reach their destination. “I’ve found it never pays to ignore native superstition,” he comments in a display of intelligence unsurpassed in the history of the Italian horror film. Of theoretical intelligence, anyway: when the critical moment comes, Brian will, of course, evince a signal failure to take his own advice.

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