CyberSurfing 12/12/07

Again, we cruise the eldritch, primoridal waters of the Internet, searching for news of horror, fantasy, and science-fiction so that you don’t have to…
THE VAULT OF HORROR is a nice little weblog I had never encountered before. Recently, Brian R. Solomon has been posting a thumb-nail history of the horror movie genre, which so far includes “Part 1: The Silent Dead” and “Part 2: Gods & Monsters.”
Solomon also links to an amusing photo of actor Benicio Del Toro and make-up expert Rick Baker clowning around in anticipation of their upcoming collaboration, a remake of THE WOLFMAN.

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Check out other bits of flotsam and jetsam, culled from out web-surfing, below the fold.


The Jakarta International Film Festival is serving up a generous portion of horror this year, but the genre’s natural audience, the young, appear to have lost their appetite for cheap thrills.
“I’m fed up with Indonesian horror movies. Every month there are two or three new releases,” Indra, 29, told The Jakarta Poston Saturday after attending a JiFFest screening.
“Besides, the storylines of the current Indonesian horror movies are often vague,” said Indra, adding that the last half-decent horror film she saw was Jelangkung, which was released in 2001.


KENTUCKY FRIED HORROR GETS COMPOSER: Actor-songwriter Jerry Reed will compose and perform the music and theme song for this film, starring Brad Douriff, Zoe Hunter, and Scarlett Pomers, about college kids on spring break who find themselves hunted down int he Appalachian mountains.


HOLIDAY HORROR MOVIES: Overdosing on  sacharine Christmas movies? ZombieProject.Com offers up a selection of yuletide-themed horror titles that might work as an antidote. Not all our wholy devoted to the holiday (e.g., SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT); some (like David Cronenberg’s RABID and 1972’s TALES FROM THE CRYPT) merely feature prominent scenes relating to Christmas. Somehow the seminal 1974 BLACK CHRISTMAS did not make the list.


THE WRONG STUFF: Symmetry magazine takes a look at consultants who help filmmakers provide a more accurate depiction of science:

Physicist Brian Cox has been watching science fiction movies since he was a small child. He always scoffed at the imprecise nature of the science in movies. But over the past year, he learned a lot about the balance between making a movie entertaining and making it scientifically correct.
Cox worked closely with Danny Boyle, director of the movie Sunshine, to ensure that the science in the movie was as respectable as possible. “I was pretty pedantic about science fiction before I worked on Sunshine,” Cox says. “I learned about the compromises that have to be made in order to make a movie an emotional journey, rather than just a documentary.”

ILLUSIONTV.COM notes that Fox has juggled the dates of its 2009 release schedule: James Cameron’s AVATAR has been moved from Memorial Day to December 18; NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM 2 will fill the Memorial Day slot; ICE AGE 3 will melt down on July 1; and X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE will open on May 1.

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