CyberSurfing 12/13/07

What horrors lurk in the primordial surf that is the World Wide Web? We plumb the depths to find out, so you don’t have to…
Hilarious Horror:

Just in time for Christmas, Chicago-based Lake Claremont Press has published Chicago TV Horror Movie Shows — From Shock Theatre to Svengoolie.
Authors Ted Okuda and Mark Yurkiw, who happily grew up on local TV fare here and write with real authority, trace the 50-year history of a genre that defined television for generations of thrill seekers and comedy lovers.

A Bloody Good Time: Horror History Lessons, The Final Chapter: Joseph Lee concludes his lessons with a look at recent “torture porn” films. He objects to the phrase but never really explains why. Most of the post is just a list of titles with brief capsule comments.
Hamilton’s Rocky Horror Creator comes home: Richard O’Brien returns to his old New Zealand diggs for “a strange and revealing journey” at the Gallgher Concert Chamber, hosted by TV One’s Mark Sainsbury.
Horror Film Festivals Rise from the Grave” examines the growing number of annual festivals devoted to the horror genre. There are interviews with people associated with several fests, including Rachel Belofsky of Screamfest in Hollywood (read about this year’s fest here).
Speaking of horror film fests, alerts us to the fact that submissions are now open for Eerie Horror Fest 20008. Categories include features, short subjects, and scripts in the horror, science-fiction, and fantasy genres.
Beyond science-fiction” looks at some Dimensional Imaging technology that takes science-fiction and turns it into reality:

In the movie Déjà vu, a science fiction crime thriller directed by Tony Scott, and starring Denzel Washington, an FBI team is equipped to recreate a terrorist crime scene in New Orleans in full motion 3D by combining data from multiple street-level surveillance cameras. […] their bogus description of the image building toll would actually ring bells with engineers at Dimensional Imaging in Glasgow, who have realised a similar technology called DI3D. Dimensional Imaging has converted a desktop PC into a supercomputer with the addition of an FPGA computing platform, creating a practical 3D image processing solution for medical, entertainment and security applications around the world.

Movie Producer Okay with Internet Pirates” tells us that THE MAN FROM EARTH, a low-budget science-fiction film based on a story by Jerome Bixby (STAR TREK) has jumped from #11,235 to #6 on IMDB’s movie meter, thanks to attention it has received after being pirated online, prompting Eric D. Wilkinson to issue a thank-you. has another article on the subject.

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