Cinefantastique Web Surfing 02/15/08

YOU CAN KEEP A SOULLESS CORPSE DOWN: Apropos of the release of DIARY OF THE DEAD, The National Post offers a brief history of the zombie film.
THE HORRORS OF CORNISH MOVIE-MAKING: The BBC profiles horror film fanatic Richard Driscoll, who has converted his Cornish farm into a low-rent film studio, who debut production is THE HOUSE OF FEAR.
BLACKOUT FILMING HORROR: The Times Ledger profiels Carl Paoline, a make-up and effects artist (who provided puppets for MTV’s CELEBRITY DEATH MATCH), making his directorial debut with THE SICKNESS, a low-budget horror film about lab technicians dealing with a dangerous chemical spill.  is currently shopping to distributors, bypassing the festival route of most first-timers.
TV4 GROUP, CANAL DIGITAL IN NEW NORDIC DISTRIBUTION DEAL: Worldscreen.Com reports on the deal that will provide Swedish subscriber access to TV4 Science Fiction, which will launch on February 29.
HAIR TODAY: In a rather amusingly goofy profile for MTV.Com, Samuel L. Jackson explains the rationals behind his hair styles in JUMPER and other films.

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