Changes at DC Comics, Entertainment

dc_75 MUSIC CDThere’s been a lot of information, some contradictory, going around the internet about organizational changes at DC Comics and DC Entertainment.
From what I glean from various sources, this much seems to be true:

  • DC’s Digital and Administration departments will be moving from New York to Burbank, CA.

  • DC Comics Editorial Department will remain in New York.

  • WildStorm Comics (headquarted in California) will cease as a seperate imprint, and some of it’s staff and the largely web-based Zuda will be integrated into DC Digital.
    Wild Storm’s licensed titles will be picked up by DC Comics.

  • There will be some staff reductions. The L.A. Times and Washington post speculate that this could run as high as 20% of current positions, though this figure is in dispute.

  • DC Entertainment /Warner Brothers Prictures will NOT be making a public announcement of their feature film plans this month. Plans for specific productions will be announced over the next few months.

  • Their strategy will most likely not mirror Marvel Studios’ approach of interconnected films, to culminate in THE AVENGERS cross-over. Instead, stand-alone films are envisioned. (So don’t look for a big Justice League multi-franchise cross-over movie.)

See Comic Book Resources for an interview with DC Entertainment President Diane Neslon as she comments on thes matters.
See DC Universe’s  ‘The Source’  for  an announcement by DC Comics co-Publishers  Jim Lee and Dan Didio.

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