CBS Cancels 'Ghost Whisperer'

ghost-whisperer_WebVariety reports that among other shows,
THE GHOST WHISPERER has been cancelled after five seasons.
Jennifer Love Hewitt played Melinda Gordon in the supernatural mystery series. Her character spoke to troubled spirits and tried to help them find peace before moving on.

Hard to comment intelligently on a show I’ve assiduously avoided for five years. A check of IMDB provived the information that the series was inspired in part by the work of real-world “spirit communicator” Mary Ann Winkowski.
Like many fans of supernatural tales and shows, I have little interest in works that purport to be “fact-based” about matters I might find interesting in a purely and admittedly fictional entertainment.
It’s an intriguing dichotomy, I think.

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  1. I’ve watched the occasional episode of GHOST WHISPERER, and it’s not bad. Like a lot of shows these days, there are continuity elements that can confuse viewers who do not tune in every week, but for the most part you could enjoy episodes on a stand-alone basis.
    Besides the spooky premise and the mystery story lines, a big part of the appeal was the costuming, which was fairly brazen about showing off Ms. Hewitt’s assets. We’re not talking about the occasional low-cut dress; we’re talking about almost every single scene. In fact, it was so blatant that it had this weird reverse-psychology effect: you almost stopped noticing (almost).

  2. Yeah, I’ve seen some teaser promos, and of course the lead’s lovely attributes have been spoofed on FAMILY GUY. 😉
    I just can’t get into this kind of stuff, which I think is interesting.
    A goodly proportion of the horror/SF fans I’ve met or interacted with online seem gun-shy of this particular ‘flavor’ of the genre.
    Warp drive, time travel, vampires, and giant monsters get a pass, but the “ghosts are real, not fictional” concept causes some kind of cognitive dissonance.
    Perhaps we’re fascinated by the transmundane, but fear losing some emotional/critical distance from the subject. Or maybe it’s a dislike of sentimentalism or “non-rational thinking” in our entertainment.

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