Shiver screening

 SHIVER is a new Spanish horror film from producer Alvaro Augustin (THE ORPHANAGE). PLEASE NOTE: the widescreen trailer does not fit well in our layout. Right-click and select “Show All” to shrink the image and reveal Pause and Play controls. Then right-click and select “Zoom In” or “Zoom Out” to get the size right.
Prior to its home video release in October (yes, in time for Halloween), the film will receive some platform theatrical exposure in various screenings around the country. Up this week is a stop at the Laemlle Sunset 5, located at 8000 Sunset Blvd in West Hollywood, CA 90046. The screening is at 7:30pm on Thursday, September 25. You can call the theatre at 323-848-3500.
The official press release describes the film as:

the story of a lonely teenager named Santi who suffers from extreme photophobia. To avoid sunlight he moves with his mother to a far-off village in the mountains, only to  discover after they arrive, locals and livestock start turning up butchered and Santi is the main suspect. To prove his innocence he will be forced to unearth the terrible secret that’s hidden deep in the woods…

You can learn more at the film’s official website:

Twilight trailer

For those of you whose literary taste skews a little older, you may not be aware of Twilight, a series of young adult novels featuring a gushing girl in love with a heart-throb male vampire. But you probably cannot help hearing that the books have been turned into a movie – obviously with the hope of launching a big-screen franchise. The release for TWLIGHT was recently moved up to November 21. Here are two “new” trailers (the only change from the old trailers is regarding the release date).

City of Ember trailer

BBC News links to the trailer for the upcoming CITY OF EMBER. The $50-million science fiction film stars Bill Murray, Tim Robbins, and Martin Landau. Based on a novel by Jeanne du Prau, the story is set in an underground city, built to protect the human race from inhospitable conditions on the surface; unfortunately, the city’s 200-year expiration date is coming up.
Co-financed by Ireland Screen and produced by Tom Hanks and Gary Goetzman, the production was filmed partly in Belfast last year; the historic “Paint Hall” in the Titanic Quarter provided s suitable setting for an “underground” world:

Martin Landau said: “It’s amazing. It’s quite an amazing set, extensive and tall and comfortable. I would say it’s quite remarkable.”

The production design looks interesting, but Murray seems out of place, and the emphasis on young protagonists forebodes of a juvenile tone.
The film is scheduled for an October 10 release in the U.S.

Mirrors trailer

Director Alexandre Aja made a name for himself with two violent thrillers, HIGH TENSION and a remake of THE HILLS HAVE EYES. Now he’s trying a spookier form of horror with MIRRORS, a remake of a Korean ghost story. Check out the trailer below…


Some of the imagery looks interesting, but the whole thing feels overly familiar. The last thing we need is another remake of an Asian horror film, but if it keeps Aja out of the abatoir for a while, go for it, I say.

Surveillance trailer

It’s been since Jennifer Chambers Lynch (daughter of David) wrote and directed BOXING HELENA, a truly bizarro piece of weirdness. Now she has a new film coming out, called SURVEILLANCE, a thriller about a serial killer. That doesn’t sound particularly innovative, but the trailer looks interesting, and it gets points for including Violent Femmes on the soundtrack.

Trailer: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Here it is, the trailer for the film, due out May 22…

Harrison Ford, Shia LaBeouf, Cate Blanchett, Ray Winstone, and Karen Allen star for director Steven Spielberg. David Koepp wrote the script, from a story by George Lucas and Jeff Nathanson. The setting is South America, 1957, where Jones races through the jungles, hoping to beat Soviet agents searching for the mystical Crystal Skull.


Shutter trailer

Like THE GRUDGE (2004), SHUTTER is a supernatural horror film about Americans living in Tokyo, where they are bedeviled by Japanese ghosts. Directed by Masayuki Ochiaia, the film bills itself as being from the the “Executive Producers of THE GRUDGE and THE RING.
The trailer, with its insistance that “spirit photography” is real, sounds more than a bit like the trailer for WHITE NOISE.

Anchor Bay grabs "Monster Slayer"

From the Hollywood Reporter:

Anchor Bay Entertainment has picked up U.S. distribution rights to Jon Knautz’s horror comedy “Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer” in a mid-six-figure deal with a theatrical commitment.

“Slayer” premiered Saturday at Slamdance, a growing market for edgier fare than that other Park City fest. The film (featuring “Nightmare on Elm Street” star Robert Englund) tells the story of a teen (Trevor Matthews) who is haunted by the murder of his parents. As his rage builds, he accidentally awakens an ancient evil, prompting chaos in the vein of ’80s horror-comedy creature features.
Matthews also produced the film with Patrick White through their Brookstreet Pictures, along with Neil Bregman of Sound Venture Productions. “Slayer” marks Knautz’s feature debut.
Other Slamdance titles gaining some distributor interest include the ghost-filled “Paranormal Activity,” the comic book adaptation “Trailer Park of Terror” and the murder investigation docu “Dear Zachary.”

Haven’t seen MONSTER SLAYER, but PARANORMAL ACITIVTY deserves a distribution deal. I saw the film at Screamfest. It’s not perfect, but it does a great job of slowly building up to some very convincing scares. 

Check out the MONSTER SLAYER trailer below:

Machine Girl trailer has a brief post pointing us to the trailer for MACHINE GIRL, a Japanese horror film about a girl who takes bloody revenge on the Yakusa ninjas who killed her brother and severed her arm. The plucky girl replaces her arm with a multi-barreled machine gun and levels the karma of the perpetrators post-haste. (The post compares this to the Rose McGowan character in GRINDHOUSE, but judging from the trailer the real similarity is to Bruce Campbell in EVIL DEAD 2.) Apparently, the revenge-crazed “Machine Girl” progresses through several other mechanical attachments, including a chainsaw, a flying guillotine, and a “drill bra,” which starts to make her resemble the unfortunate title character in Shinya Tsukamot’s TETSUO (“Ironman”).

The trailer is way over-the-top in terms of violence, but I’m not completely sure that will translate into an amusing screen experience. The staging of some of the action seems ill-timed, like a bunch of amateurs trying to look cool dong martial arts but not quite getting it right.