Inception – Featurette

Warner Brothers has pieced together over 6 minutes of footage from Christopher Nolan’s INCEPTION featuring a mix of clips we’ve seen before along with some brand new material from the perspective of a crew member. This is a really interesting little collection of clips that we can only hope will find its way to the DVD/Blu-Ray release as well.

Fan Film 'Batman City of Scars'

Here’s an interesting fan film by
Aaron & Sean Schoenke’s Bat In The Sun productions.
In CITY OF SCARS, The Joker escapes from Arkham and murders the parents of a young boy, causing the Batman to recall losing his own parents as a child, and reflect on his moral choices as Gotham’s Dark Knight.

For a $27,000 production, the apxroximately 30 minute film is rather impressive. Kevin Porter fills the cape and cowl beliveably enough, Paul Molnar plays an acceptably perverse Joker.
In case the video is choppy, here’s the direct link: The Daily Motion
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