'Caprica' Series Finale Marathon

Star Eric Stolz  with proto-Cylon
Star Eric Stolz with proto-Cylon

This Tuesday, January 4th, SyFy burns off the final five original episodes of it’s cancelled series CAPRICA.
 The show, a spin-off prequel to the successful dark BATTLESTAR GALACTICA revival, proved to be a be a bit too grim and drawn-out, with personal crisises & angst emphasized over action and plot momentum, to attract an audience in sufficent numbers. Also lacking really likable characters, it nevertheless was an interesting look at a science-fictional world.
The marathon begins at 6:00 PM Eastern Time with Blowback, followed by  Dirteaters at 7:00 PM, The Heavens Will Rise at 8:00 PM Here Be Dragons at 9:00  and the final episode, Apotheosis
ay 10:00 PM.
Though not a personal favorite, I’m sorry to see the series go, and hope that Apotheosis, which means to “elevate to a divine level” or serve as “a perfect example” will be true to it’s definition for CAPRICA’s fans.

The Cast of CAPRICA

SyFy and Universal Cable Productions has BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: BLOOD AND CHROME coming up, which will be a sequel of sorts, featuring William Adama—seen as a child in CAPRICA—as a young adult fighting in the first Cylon War.  

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