Box Office: Penelope does poorly

There was little exciting box office news for science-fiction, fantasy, and horror films. The big debut this week was the comedy SEMI-PRO, which took the #1 position with $15.2-million. Poor PENELOPE, starring Christina Ricci as a girl with a pig’s snout, had to settle for making its bow in eighth place. Opening in 1,196 theatres, the the odd-ball modern fairy tale earned $4.69-million.
As for holdovers…
THE SPIDERWICK CHRONICLES dropped from second to third place with $8.75-million. The three-week total is $55.08-million.
JUMPER landed in fifth place, down two notches. With $7.6-million this weekend, it raised its U.S. total to $66.82-million.
NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN benefitted from its Oscar wins, rising from #12 to #9, where it added another $4-million to its 17-week total of $69.57-million.
Read the complete Top Ten here.

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