Box Office: Cloverfield blooms big

CLOVERFIELD, the heavily-hyped monster movie, threw its weight around at the nation’s theatres this weekend, easily reaching #1. Opening in 3,411 engagements, the film earned $41-million, according to weekend estimates. Most of the film’s early attention came via the World Wide Web, making this perhaps the first blockbuster triumph of Internet marketing since THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT (in the interim, other blogger favorites, such as SERENITY and SNAKES ON A PLANE, have failed to catch on with wider audiences).
As for other science-fiction, fantasy, and horror films in the Top Ten…
ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS chewed their way from fifth place to eighth, earning $7-million. That yields a six-week total of $196.38-million.
I AM LEGEND slipped from #6 to #9, where it added $5.11-million to its six-week total of $247.68-million.
ONE MISSED CALL dropped out of the Top Ten during its third week of release. The weekend estimates were for $2.83-million, which would give it a U.S. total of $24.43-million.

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