Box Office: Bee outbuzzes Saw

Sci-fi, fantasy, and horror films ceded the top box office slot to a non-genre title this weekend, with the debut of AMERICAN GANGSTER coming in at #1 with $46.34-million. That did not stop BEE MOVIE, Jerry Seinfeld’s computer-animated comedy, from buzzing to a strong opening as well., earning an estimated $39.1-million in 3, 928 theatres.
These two debuts forced SAW IV down to the #3 position, where it earned $11-million – approximately one-third of its debut only a week ago. Despite the sharp decline, the sequel has earned $51.1-million – better than average for horror films this year.
30 DAYS OF NIGHT also took a little dip, from third to fifth place. In its third weekend, the vampire flick sucked $4-million from ticket buyers, raising its three-week total to $34.2-million.
Meanwhile, the re-issue of Tim Burton’s THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS (which is playing 3D engagements in 562 theatres) dropped out of the Top Ten, falling from #8 to #11. The 1993 film earned an additional $1.54-million; so far, this go-round on U.S. screens has added $12.8-million to the box office totals.
Read the complete Top Ten here.

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