Beastly, Rango, Black Death: CFQ Round Table Podast 2:9

Beastly (2011)

It’s a busy week at the Cinefantastique Round Table Podcast – the Podcast with a Sense of Wonder, with Lawrence French and Steve Biodrowski offering capsule comments on two new films in theatres – BEASTLY and RANGO – and also a capsule review of BLACK DEATH, currently available via Video on Demand before beginning limited engagements on Friday, March 11. BEASTLY is a TWILIGHT-esque modernization of the old “Beauty and the Beast” tale. RANGO is a computer-generated Western about a chameleon who makes a name for himself as a gunslinger. And BLACK DEATH is a historical horror story set during the plague, with notable similarities to the recent SEASON OF THE WITCH. All this, plus the usual insightful commentary regarding current events in the world of horror, fantasy and science fiction cinema, plus a round-up of approaching theatrical and home video releases.

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  1. Hey guys,
    This is your friendly neighborhood concept artist JP. First off, great podcast as always but I have a quick question. So which one of you is the ringmaster of the Round table? is it Dan or you Steve? if it’s Dan then Steve you did a great job filling in. Though I miss Dan and you dis-agreeing and going head to head like a pair of un-horned mountain goats (no damage is inflicted but it’s fun to watch).
    I wanted to to do a little head-butting with you Steve on Rango. I thought is was an all right movie. I did feel it was a unique film in the sense it’s not a Pixary or Dream-worky kinda of film. Hell some parents after seeing it with their kids want an R rating.
    So Steve I know you mentioned you weren’t thrilled with the character designs. But I really enjoyed them because they were gritty and dirty and not your typical fuzzy sleak plastic 3d characters. They were sort of Ugly but in a good way I couldn’t keep my eyes off of them. Come on where can you see an animated character with an arrow through his head or a rabbit with an ear cut off or Zen talking Armadillo Roadkill. I know its a matter of taste but as a concept guy it’s so diffrent then the usual, it’s got some balls.
    There’s an interesting podcast on FXGUIDE which speaks to one of the ILM guys about the choices they made for the visuals and why they made them as it was intentionally by choice that they stayed away from the cute and fuzzy. Heres the link if your interested in checking that out.
    Also your comment about Rango on blending in, well I think he stood out like a sore thumb as he was wearing that John Lasseter hand me down shirt, was that a poke at Pixar? any way it’s like any situation when a stranger comes into un-familiar surroundings, sort of like if LA gangsters walked into a country bar filled with cowboys, your gonna get looks. Also if you remember Rango was mimicking their walks and mannerisms so it seemed the film makers were intent on making him not blend in in the beginning.
    I will say it was an all right movie but I give it 2 for story 4 out of 5 for visuals and concept designs. Crash McCreery of Jurrassic Park fame was one of the main guys who conceptualized the characters so my hats off to him.
    I’m hoping the 2nd installment of the Dark Crystal if it’s cg goes with that gritty look for their characters like Rango did. Maybe the new Smurf film coming out should have some Smurfs with axes through their plushy skulls, I’d see that for a dollar 😉 grow some balls Hollywood.
    regards gents!

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