'Batman 3' Casting?

Riddle me this: When is a News story like a
Tennant without a lease?
Answer: When it’s an unsubstantiated Rumor!

Hollywoodlife.com reports that an unamed source “close” to director Christopher Nolan that Joseph Gordon-Levitt (3rd ROCK FROM THE SUN), is the director’s first pick to play The Riddler in the next BATMAN film.

Gordon-Levitt, who’s one of the stars of Nolan’s latest film, INCEPTION, is reportedly “the director’s first pick to play The Riddler in the next installment of the Batman franchise.”
The source is quored as saying: “There was a joke at first between them that Joseph wanted to read for Batman 3 and things heated up as filming continued.”
Not too sure what to make of this, as Christopher Nolan has previously claimed that the third film in his Batman series probably wouldn’t feature one of the caped crusader’s best known foes.
The article does point out that’s it’s pre-mature to say that the young actor will play the Riddler, as the film is still in the process of being written (by Nolan, brother Jonathan, and David Goyer).
The as yet untitled third Batman film is already scheduled for a July 2012 premiere.
INCEPTION will open this July 16th, from Legendary Pictures and Warner Brothers.

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