ABC Greenlights 'Seven Wonders' Pilot

D7 DeadlyWonderseadline reports that  ABC has greenlit a pilot for SEVEN WONDERS, based on the book series by Matthew Reilly.
The novels feature the adventures of Jack West Jr.,  a solider turned archeologist. Simon and Schuster decribes the first novel, Seven Deadly Wonders in the following blurb.
A legend of the ancient world decrees that every 4,500 years, a terrible solar event will wreak worldwide destruction . . . but whoever sets the Golden Capstone atop the Great Pyramid at Giza will avert disaster and gain the ultimate prize: a millennium of world dominance.

Now the Sun is turning once again and nation will battle nation to retrieve the missing Capstone . . . but a group of small nations, led by super-soldier Jack West Jr., bands together to prevent any one country from attaining this frightening power. Thus the greatest treasure hunt of all time begins — an adrenalinefueled race on a global battlefield.
From the Colossus of Rhodes to the Hanging Gardens of Babylon to the Great Egyptian Pyramid itself, unlock the thrills of Seven Deadly Wonders.

Also know as The Seven Ancient Wonders in its original Austrailian edition, the novel is followed by The Six Sacred Stones and The Five Greatest Warriors.

Writer Michael Seitzman and producer Mark Gordon plan to base the first season on the first two novels of the series, should ABC put the show on its schedule.
The article quotes Seitzman as saying:   “They feel like big boyhood and girlhood adventure stories; they are really fun and remind me of all the movies in the genre I loved.”

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